Athletic Trainers

What is an athletic trainer?

An athletic trainer is a qualified professional who specialises in the training of both athletes and non-athletes in order to improve performance and motivation and condition the body. Athletic trainers help to prevent and treat injuries and health conditions caused by sporting activities; this is often achieved by educational programmes which teach individuals how to take care of their bodies and how to get the most out of physical training. Athletic trainers work alongside a number of other medical professionals including doctors, nutritionists and physiotherapists in order to ensure athletes receive the best education, advice and treatment.

Where do athletic trainers work?

The work of an athletic trainer can be extremely varied and may involve them working in a number of different settings. Common settings involve working with a professional sports team, working in a school or college or working with a company or business.

How to become an athletic trainer

All athletic trainers have a Bachelor’s degree in a related subject (such as sports nutrition, anatomy, human biology or other health subjects) but most also have a Master’s degree or a doctoral qualification. Some professionals that work in a school or college setting also have a teaching qualification. Athletic training courses are common in the USA but are much less common in the UK; however, the number of courses is increasing year on year.

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