Iliolumbar ligament sprain - Buttock pain

The iliolumbar ligament is located in the lower back and runs from the side of the fifth lumbar vertebra to the iliac crest.

Causes of iliolumbar ligament sprain

This injury may be acute or progressive; acute injuries are often associated with trauma, such as a car accident or sports injury which places sudden pressure on the ligament. Progressive injuries usually result from the continuous completion of actions or movements that place strain on the ligament; examples of these actions include bending down and twisting.

Symptoms of iliolumbar ligament sprain

Common symptoms include pain in the sacroiliac joint, which may become heightened during movement. The range of movement in the lower back may be restricted.

Treating iliolumbar ligament sprain

Common treatments include applying ice packs to the area, sports massage, rest and medication to reduce pain and swelling.

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