Thigh compartment syndrome - Buttock pain

Compartment syndrome occurs when the muscles in a confined space become compressed; this condition occurs most frequently in the upper and lower leg and between the elbow and the wrist.

Causes of thigh compartment syndrome

This injury can be caused by both acute and progressive factors; acute injuries are often the result of trauma, while progressive injuries are often caused by overuse.

Symptoms of thigh compartment syndrome

Common symptoms include pain, tenderness and swelling around the affected muscles; pain during movement may lead to a decrease in the range of movement in the affected leg. Weakness may also be felt around the injury and mat stretch to other parts of the leg. The immediate area around the injury may feel warm to touch.

Treating thigh compartment syndrome

In many cases, the injury will heal with the help of a combination of rest, ice and medication to control pain and reduce swelling. In more serious cases, where trauma has caused more widespread damage, surgery may be required.

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