Hamstring tendinopathy - Buttock pain

Hamstring tendinopathy is a relatively uncommon injury that occurs as result of overuse. Tendinopathy refers to the gradual degeneration of the tendon, while tendonitis refers to an inflammation of the tendon.

Causes of hamstring tendinopathy

This injury is usually the result of overuse and is most common in athletes who consistently place pressure on the tendon; examples include middle and long distance runners. Over time, constant pressure breaks the tendon down, leaving it vulnerable to injury and prone to fraying and breaking.

Symptoms of hamstring tendinopathy

The most common symptom of hamstring tendinopathy is pain in the hamstrings, knees and buttocks. In some cases, swelling may occur; however, swelling is much more commonly associated with hamstring tendonitis. The patient may also experience a restricted range of movement.

Treatment for hamstring tendinopathy

Treatment usually involves a combination of rest, ice, medication to manage pain and swelling and deep tissue massage. Physiotherapy will also usually be sued to strengthen the muscles, which will make them more resistant to injury in the future. Exercises will also help to increase the range of movement around the affected muscle.

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