Sever’s lesion - Lower leg injuries

What is Sever’s lesion?

Sever’s lesion is a condition that affects the bone growth plate located behind the heel bone; it is most common in young athletes. The growth plate is present in children and separates the Achilles tendon from the heel bone.

How is Sever’s lesion caused?

Sever’s lesion is caused when the muscles in the lower leg contract repeatedly resulting in pressure on the bone of the heel and the growth plate applied by the surrounding muscles and tendons; this is common during periods of considerable growth.

Symptoms of Sever’s lesion

Common symptoms of Sever’s lesion include pain in the heel, which may become heightened during physical exercise.

Treatment for Sever’s lesion

Sever’s lesion is usually treated by means of rest, strengthening exercises and physiotherapy; orthotics may also be recommended if the injury has been caused by poor alignment of structures in the foot.

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