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Fat pad contusion is also commonly known as a bruised heel.

Causes of fat pad contusion

Fat pad contusion is commonly caused by repetitive actions, which cause strain on the heel or sudden impact; the most common examples of this are landing heavily or walking or running for prolonged periods of time; this injury is common in long distance runners, soldiers and athletes who take part in jumping events.

Symptoms of fat pad contusion

The most common symptoms of fat pad contusion are bruising, pain and swelling. Pain will become heightened during movements which involve planting the foot on the ground.

Treatment for fat pad contusion

The most effective form of treatment for fat pad contusion is rest; this will allow the tissue time to regenerate and recover. It may also be beneficial to wear tape or a support on the heel to offer extra protection.

Preventing fat pad contusion

Supportive footwear will help to prevent the heel becoming bruised; the heel should also be rested for sufficient periods of time between exercise sessions which apply considerable pressure on the heel.

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