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Turf toe is a condition which occurs as a result of the 1st metatarsal (the big toe) being bent upwards. It is called turf toe because it frequently occurs on artificial playing surfaces when the shoes becomes planted on the ground and the body continues to move forwards, causing the toe to bend in an upward direction. When the toe is bent upwards this stretches the surrounding ligaments beyond their limits causing damage to the ligaments and possibly the surface of the bone.

Symptoms of turf toe

Symptoms of turf toe include inflammation and pain in and around the big toe; this will be heightened when the toe is moved or bent.

Treatment for turf toe

The toe should be rested in order to allow it time to heal. Ice and anti-inflammatory medication should help to reduce swelling and compressing the toe will help to stem any internal bleeding. An x-ray will usually be used to determine if the bone has been fractured; if this is the case the affected toe may be immobilised and the athlete may use crutches to avoid bearing weight on the toe. Strengthening exercises and physiotherapy may be used to gradually increase movement in the foot and build up strength in the surrounding bones and tissues.

Preventing turf toe

Wearing supportive footwear can help to reduce the possibility of suffering from turf toe.

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