Navicular fracture - Foot Injuries

The navicular bone is located in the foot on top of the heel bone (calcaneus); a fracture occurs when the bone gets partially or fully broken.

Causes of navicular fractures

The most common cause of a navicular fracture is overuse; this type of injury is also known as a stress fracture. Stress fractures occur when an individual carries out repeated actions which place considerable strain on a particular bone; stress fractures of the navicular bone are common in sprinters and hurdlers.

Symptoms of navicular fractures

The most common symptoms include a dull ache around the affected bone; this usually gets worse during physical activity. Pain usually subsides after exercise but almost always returns in subsequent exercise sessions.

Treatment for navicular fractures

The most effective form of treatment is rest; often the affected foot will be immobilised to allow the bone time to heal; this is usually done using a cast. During this time an athlete may use crutches to prevent the foot from bearing weight. Physiotherapy may be recommended to increase strength around the bone and improve the range of movement in the ankle joint.

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