Back Pain

Back pain is increasingly common in the U.K

Causes of back pain

Back pain can be caused by a number of different factors; the most common causes include poor posture, arthritis, trauma or injury, obesity and medical conditions such as kidney, liver and gynaecological problems. Back pain may also be triggered by a trip or fall, landing awkwardly, heavy lifting and sharp or sudden movements. Severe back pain may be caused by a slipped disc.

Symptoms of back pain

Pain in any region of the back is the common symptom of a back problem; there may also be pain in the legs.

Treating back pain

Mild pains can usually be treated with a combination of rest and over the counter pain relief; it may also be beneficial to have a course of physiotherapy, osteopathy or chiropractic as this will help to speed up the recovery, soothe aches and strengthen the surrounding muscles. If the case is more serious, such as a slipped disc, surgery may be required.

Back pain in sport

Back pain can be common in sport, especially when the activity requires a lot of bending or sustained strength. Back pain is extremely common in sports such as golf, weightlifting and cycling due to the position of the spine (golf and cycling) and the pressure applied to the core muscles (weightlifting). Contact sports carry a risk of injury to the physical nature of the game and the possibility of falling awkwardly; rugby is one of the most risky sports when considering the safety of the neck and spine.

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