Big toe joint pain

Examples of big toe joint pain

The most common cause of big toe joint pain is arthritis, also known as hallux rigidus or hallux limitus in this case, makes the big toe stiff and limits its range of movement. It may also cause pain and tenderness in the big toe, especially during movement.

Trauma or injury: big toe joint pain can sometimes occur as the result of an accident or injury; the toe may be broken or bruised, which may cause swelling and pain.

Symptoms of big toe joint pain

Aside from the obvious pain, most people also have a limited range of movement when they have big toe joint pain. If the case is more severe and has been caused by osteoarthritis, this pain may be debilitating and may affect a person’s mobility considerably. Toes may also become swollen.

Treating big toe joint pain

Rest is usually the best remedy; it may also help to take over the counter pain relief. Mild cases usually wear off fairly quickly. More severe cases may need surgery.

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