Cuts and Abrasions

Cuts and abrasions are very common and can arise in a variety of different situations.


Cuts are commonly caused by sharp edges or objects which cut across the surface of the skin causing it to split; often cuts will result in bleeding. Cuts can also be caused by accidents, sports injuries and fighting. Minor cuts usually heal quickly; they should be left to air for a while and then covered with a plaster to prevent infection. More serious cuts may need to be stitched or glued; some may leave permanent scarring.

Dr Glass from The Dermatology Clinic recommends that you see a dermatologist if you have excessive scaring. Treatments to reduce the visible appearance of scars can be used with specialised silicone based gels and sheets.


Abrasions, also known as grazes are caused by friction between the skin and another surface; often these are caused by falling on a rough or scratchy surface. Most grazes heal quickly but they may be sore for a while. The affected area should be kept as clean as possible to prevent infection; this may be done using sterile wipes or antiseptic cream.

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