Dental damage

Dental damage in sport

Tooth damage or loss is fairly common in sport; commonly these accidents happen in contact sports, such as rugby, or sports that involve hard equipment and fast movement, such as hockey and lacrosse. Fractures of the jaw are also fairly common, especially in contact sports.

Treating a dental injury

If a tooth has been knocked it may be possible to save it; place the tooth in a glass of milk and seek emergency dental care. If a short time has elapsed, a dentist may be able to re-insert the tooth; the same is true for a damaged part of tooth. If the tooth has been lost, it may be necessary to have a dental implant inserted. Jaw fractures may take a while to heal and may require surgery to stabilise the joint and put it back in its original place.

Preventing dental damage

Everyone who participates in sports that carry a risk of dental trauma are advised to wear appropriate protective clothing or equipment; often sports players wear mouth guards to protect their teeth; this is moulded to fit the individual’s mouth.

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