Golf Elbow

What is golf elbow?

Golf elbow is an overuse injury, which causes pain in the elbow; it is caused by swelling of the flexor muscles in the forearm. It differs from tennis elbow because it affects different muscles; tennis elbow results from inflammation of the extensor muscles.

Symptoms of golf elbow

Golf elbow usually causes mild, prolonged periods of pain in the elbow and upper side of the forearm; pain may be heightened when the muscles are flexed, for example when holding an object or twisting the arm.

Treating golf elbow

Treatment usually involves rest after exercise, ice and medication. Physiotherapy and specific stretches and exercises may help to ease the condition.

Who will suffer from golfer’s elbow?

Golf elbow is not limited to golfers but can also affect athletes who compete in throwing events and people who play racquet sports.

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