Joint Sprain

Joint sprains occur when the ligaments surrounding the joint are over-extended or pushed beyond their range of movement; this often happens as a result of stretching to reach something or making a sudden or awkward movement.

Examples of joint sprain

Common joint sprains include ankle, shoulder and wrist sprains.

Symptoms of joint sprain

Common symptoms include pain and swelling in the affected area as well as bruising and decreased movement around the joint.

Treating joint sprain

Initially, pain relief and ice will help to reduce pain and ease swelling. Anti-inflammatory medicine will also help to reduce the inflammation around the joint. Joint sprains can be very painful, especially when the joint bears weight so the patient should rest until the joint starts to heal. Rest and appropriate recovery time will enable the joint to heal fully and prevent further damage.

Preventing joint sprain

Wearing supportive footwear will help to prevent falling and landing awkwardly; this will reduce the possibility of spraining the ankle. Warming up and cooling down effectively and thoroughly will reduce the risks of suffering a joint sprain.

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