Knee pain

The knee is under constant pressure when the body is moving so it can be susceptible to damage and strain.

Types of knee pain

There are 5 principal types of knee pain; these include anterior, global, medial, lateral and posterior knee pain. The type of pain is generally categorised by its location in the knee joint.

Common causes of knee pain

The most common causes of knee pain include ligament or cartilage damage, strains, tears, friction, swelling, arthritis and infections conditions. Knee pain may also be caused by tumours and cysts.

Treatment for knee pain

Treatment varies depending on the cause and location of the pain. Medical treatments will usually be administered to treat infections and causes such as tumours and cysts while a combination of rest and rehabilitative therapy will be used to strengthen tendons, ligaments and cartilage that has been damaged. Some minor conditions will heal quickly, while more complex cases may take a long time to recover.

Who gets knee pain?

Anyone can suffer from knee pain but the most common sufferers include those who play a lot of sport and those who are overweight. Obesity is an increasingly common cause for knee pain, as the joint is not strong enough to deal with the pressure exerted by supporting a heavy body.

Preventing knee pain

Exercising regularly will help to strengthen the muscles surrounding the knee joint and make them more resistant to injury. Keeping weight at a stable and healthy level will also help to prevent knee problems.

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