Lower Back Strain

Back strain is one of the common injuries which almost all participants in sports or physical activity will experience at some point in their lives. The injury can be caused by a number of things, but most commonly by lifting an excessively heavy weight, twisting awkwardly during movement, or remaining bent forward for long periods of time.

What causes the pain of back strain?

Back pain is ordinarily due to the strain of weak muscles or the tensing of muscles. If these muscles are then over-stretched, the muscle fibres and tendons can be strained or torn. This in turn can send the muscles into spasm, causing back ache and significant discomfort.

How is lower back strain treated?

Luckily, the majority of back-pain related strains disappear within a few weeks without any specific treatment other than due care (i.e. A degree of rest).

How can lower back strain be prevented?

The re-occurrence of back strain can often be prevented by strengthening the core muscles (abdominal and back muscles). The weakness and tenseness of these muscles means that when they are utilised suddenly they can strain or tear easily, so by strengthening and stretching these muscles, the individual will be less susceptible to lower back strain and associated back ache.

How do I strengthen my core muscles?

An exercise ball is a great option for those wishing to strengthen the core muscles. As they are inexpensive and can be used at home, they are a good solution for anyone suffering from lower back pain or strain. By exercising with the exercise ball the core muscles will be both strengthened and stretched, which will prepare the muscles for exercise and help to prevent back strain.

What will happen if I continue to strain my lower back?

If you suffer from lower back strain, or back ache, it is important to address the problem, allow the injury to heal fully, and then begin a process of building your core stability to prevent the strain from recurring. If you continue to strain your lower back without building up your strength in this area, you may eventually suffer from more severe symptoms and even chronic lower back pain.

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