Nose Injury

Nose injuries are common in sports, particularly in contact sports such as rugby.

Types of nose injury

Cuts and bruises

Cuts and bruises on the nose are commonly caused by impact with another person or an object in sport. Cuts on the nose may bleed a lot even if they are only small; usually bleeding can be stemmed by applying pressure to the area; however, plasters or stitching may be required if the bleeding persists. Bruising often comes out after a couple of hours; the nose may also swell and feel tender and painful to touch; ice may help to reduce inflammation.

Broken nose

Broken noses involve a partial or complete fracture of the bony region of the nose. Usually these are caused by impact, which may result from an accident such as a car crash or fall or a sports injury. Fractures often cause the nose to become misshapen as well as resulting in pain and swelling; a person may also have difficulties with breathing and a black eye. Treatment for a broken nose depends on the complexity of the fracture; a minor fracture will generally heal on its own over a period of time, while a more complex fracture may require the nose to be re-set to its original position. Swelling can usually be reduced by applying ice and taking anti-inflammatory medication. Pain can be relieved by taking over the counter analgesics.

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