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Causes of back pain

Back pain is common in golfers and is generally caused by the swing action and the hunched stance during putting; repeatedly carrying heavy golf bags can also cause back pain. When driving the ball, the back is twisted, which puts pressure on the muscles in the back.

Symptoms of back pain

Aside from the obvious pain, back problems may also cause swelling and tenderness around the affected area and may restrict movement.

Treating back pain

The most effective from of treatment is resting the back; this allows it time to heal and recover; antagonising an existing injury will cause further damage and may mean a golfer is side-lined for longer. Anti-inflammatory medication and pain relief may also be prescribed to reduce swelling and ease pain. Massage therapy, physiotherapy, osteopathy and chiropractic will all help to alleviate symptoms of back pain as well as strengthening the muscles and connective tissue and improving flexibility and movement.

Preventing back pain

Having good technique is the most effective means of preventing back pain; this will avoid unnecessary twisting movements and reduce pressure on the back. Specific exercises and stretches will help to strengthen the core muscles which will reduce the possibility of suffering an injury. As with all sports, it is important to carry out thorough warm up and cool down sessions.

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