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Back injuries are common in gymnastics due to the excessive pressure applied to the back during many of the actions involved in the sport. The most common injuries are listed below:

Back pain

Back pain is the most common form of back injury and occurs as a result of continuous pressure on the back muscles; lower back pain is much more common than upper back pain.

Symptoms of back pain

Common symptoms include swelling and restricted movement in addition to localised pain; pain may be heightened when the back is fully straightened or bent.

Treating back pain

Treatment for older gymnasts will usually revolve around plenty of rest and medication to control pain and swelling. Exercises and stretches will help to strengthen core muscles which will build strength and increase movement and flexibility; these should be increased gradually. Back pain in younger gymnasts should be treated with great caution; if pain persists this may be symptomatic of a more serious injury and they should be checked over by a specialist.

Preventing back pain

Completing a thorough warm up and cool down will help to prevent injury and aid preparation and recovery. The back should be allowed to rest; this may mean reducing the intensity of training or alternating demanding training sessions with lighter activities.

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