Video Motion Analysis

What is video motion analysis?

Video motion analysis involves filming an athlete; this footage can then be used to identify issues relating to technique or injuries and improve performance.

Benefits of video motion analysis

Video motion analysis enables both performers and their coaches and doctors to watch slowed down versions of the athlete in action.

Benefits for sports doctors

Doctors can assess the footage in order to identify factors which may be attributing to injuries, such as poor posture, for example. Video footage allows doctors to reach a more conclusive and accurate diagnosis and also enables them to put together a more relevant treatment pathway.

Benefits for coaches and managers

Coaches can use footage to determine individual and team weaknesses, review tactics and strategies and identify areas for improvement by means of further training. Many coaches also use video footage to prepare their teams for matches against upcoming opposition; this can usually determine the formation of a football team or determine the positioning of the players when the opposition have a free kick, for example.

Benefits for the athlete

Video motion analysis enables performers to see themselves in action; this allows them to identify any problems with their positioning, technique or posture which may be inhibiting their performance levels or causing injuries. This method can be particularly beneficial for sports people who suffer from overuse injuries which result from poor technique; this is common in golfers and tennis players. Video footage helps athletes to correct mistakes and pay more attention to areas of weakness; the evidence gained by watching video motion analysis will allow them to draw up a more relevant training schedule which will help to raise the standards of their overall performance.

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