Acute Nerve Pain - Neck Injuries

Causes of acute nerve pain

Acute nerve pain is often caused by a nerve being ‘trapped’, swollen or compressed; however, in some cases, acute nerve pain may be symptomatic of a more serious health condition such as a stroke or multiple sclerosis. Nerve damage is common after an injury or accident.

Symptoms of acute nerve pain

Common symptoms include a restricted range of movement around the affected nerve, pain during movement, swelling, numbness and tenderness.

Treating acute nerve pain

Treatment will depend on the cause of the pain; if the pain is being caused by a medical condition such as a tumour, this should be treated first; in most cases, treating the cause of the problem will result in a reduction in pain. If the nerve has been damaged as a result of an injury which has caused it to swell, anti-inflammatory medication will usually be prescribed to ease inflammation; analgesic medication will also help to reduce pain in the area. Trapped nerves usually heal quickly and require no treatment.

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