What will happen at an appointment with an Osteopath?

The first appointment will be used as a means of assessing and examining a patient’s individual symptoms and general health. The osteopath will usually start by asking questions related to the type of symptoms a patient is suffering; this may include the amount of time the problems have been present and details of any prior treatment for that particular problem. In addition to this the osteopath will ask about a patient’s general health; this will ascertain any pre-existing conditions, any medications being taken and any particular phobias or allergies which may prevent the use of certain methods or treatments.

If the problem is related to a specific area the osteopath will often observe a patient using that certain area to perform movements; this may include walking, jumping or stretching. Often the osteopath will feel the specific area in order to identify any tangible problems and to ease the pain and tension around an affected area. Once an examination has been completed the osteopath may suggest a range of stretches and exercises for the patient to do at home in order to improve their condition; they may also offer practical advice relating to issues such as wearing suitable clothing and shoes, having a healthy diet and guidance on lifestyle choices. If the condition requires further medical expertise the osteopath may refer the patient to their GP.

Typically, sessions with the osteopath last half an hour but the first appointment may last longer to allow time for obtaining a patient’s medical background. Some sessions may last up to an hour.

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