Sports Orthopaedic Treatment

Orthopaedic treatment is extremely common amongst sports players, who are prone to this type of injury due to the continuous and sometimes dangerous nature of their jobs. Orthopaedic specialists are able to treat a vast range of injuries which may affect several areas of the body.

Types of orthopaedic injury in sport

The most common orthopaedic injuries in sport are fractures; other common injuries include joint pain, damaged soft tissue and overuse injuries. Examples of these injuries include conditions such as tennis or golfer’s elbow, ligament and cartilage damage, strained muscles, dislocated joints and fractured bones.

Types of orthopaedic treatment

Most professional sports players opt for surgical procedures to speed up recovery following a serious sporting injury; examples of the most common sports-related procedures include arthroscopic knee and shoulder surgery.

Recovery from orthopaedic injuries

Recovery will usually involve a combination of rest, medication and physiotherapy. Once the healing process has begun, physiotherapy will help to gradually strengthen the injured area and improve movement around the affected joint or muscle. The physiotherapist will ensure that progress is achieved at a suitable pace. Physiotherapy will also help to condition the body in order to make it more resistant to injury in the future. Measures such as wearing supports may also be recommended to protect the injury from further damage.

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