Fractured Carpal bones - Wrist, hand and finger injuries

The carpal bones, along with the radius and ulna, form the wrist joint. The hamate and scaphoid are carpal bones.

Causes of fractured carpal bones

The carpal bones are most commonly fractured as a result of a fall or accident or contact with objects, surfaces or other people. Fractures frequently occur on carpal bone on the side of the thumb. A fractured scaphoid is the most common type of wrist fracture.

Symptoms of fractured carpal bones

The most common symptom is pain, which is felt around the affected bone and may radiate to other parts of the wrist, hand and arm. Pain usually becomes heightened as a result of movement. Other symptoms may also include swelling and bruising.

Treatment for fractured carpal bones

Initially the RICE principle should be enforced; this involves resting the bone, applying ice, compressing the bone and elevating the arm. In most cases continuous use of ice and anti-inflammatory medication, in tandem with rest, will lead to a full recovery. In many cases, especially with scaphoid fractures, the wrist should be immobilised for a period of time; this is usually done using a plaster cast or a splint.

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