Impact and contact - Causes of Sports Injuries

Several sports players endure injuries that are caused by impact or contact with objects, surfaces or other people. Injuries caused by impact and contact are common contact sports such as football and rugby and more dangerous sports such as motor racing, boxing and skiing. Often ,contact with other people can cause an athlete to be off balance, which may cause them to twist or change direction quickly; this often causes damage to connective tissue; powerful direct contact may also cause a joint to become displaced.

Types of injury

Common injuries caused by contact with other people or objects include cuts and bruising, head injuries, muscle pain and dislocated joints (a dislocated shoulder is one of the most common injuries caused by contact). Impact injuries usually include spinal injuries, ligament and tendon damage, fractures and head and spinal injuries.

Treating impact injuries

Treatment will depend on the nature and extent of the specific injury; spinal and head injuries should be treated as emergency medical conditions, while damage to connective tissue, superficial injuries such as cuts and bruises and most fractures will heal over time with the help of rest, ice and pain relief medication. In some cases, surgery may be required.

Preventing injuries

Injuries are part and parcel of contact sports; however there are measures that can be taken to reduce the likelihood of suffering an injury. Protective clothing is often worn in more dangerous sports to protect the body from injury; this can often be seen in rugby and boxing, for example.

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