Overuse - Causes of Sports Injuries

Overuse is a common cause of injury in professional sports players. Overuse injuries are usually progressive rather than acute. Repetitive strain injuries are examples of overuse injuries.

Examples of overuse injuries

The most common overuse injuries are tennis elbow, golfer’s knee, thrower’s shoulder (impingement syndrome), plantar fasciitis and jumper’s knee (patellar tendonitis).

Causes of overuse injuries

Overuse injuries are caused by repeated actions which apply pressure to a certain group of muscles, joint or area of soft tissue. Over time, conditions worsen as the affected area becomes increasingly worn or stretched.

Symptoms of overuse injuries

Most overuse injuries cause a gradual onset of pain, which may be accompanied by swelling and bruising; pain will usually be intensified during and after physical activity.

Treating overuse injuries

In most cases, the symptoms of an overuse injury can be eased with a combination of medication, ice and rest. In some cases, if symptoms persist, some professional sports players undergo surgery to speed up recovery and reduce the possibility of suffering with the same injury in the future.

Preventing an overuse injury

The most effective form of prevention is adequate rest periods between training sessions; this will allow the body time to recover and enable it time to prepare for the next session.

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