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Causes of back pain

Bowlers are most susceptible to back pain, due to the nature of the bowling action and the stress it causes the back. However, other players can also suffer from back pain; this is commonly caused by bending down to field the ball and prolonged periods of standing up. Bowlers may develop stress fractures which can cause pain and discomfort; these injuries need time to heal.

Symptoms of back pain

Aside from pain, back problems can also result in swelling, bruising and restricted movement; pain may become heightened when the back is fully straightened or bent.

Treatment for back pain

The most effective treatment is rest; back pain is usually triggered by repetitive actions so pain will persist as long as an athlete continues to perform the actions or movements. Osteopathy, chiropractic and physiotherapy may help to condition the back which will help to prevent injury in the future. Ice, anti-inflammatory medication and pain relief may also ease symptoms.

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