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Side strain is common in bowlers as the oblique muscles are stretched during the bowling action. Side strain usually occurs when the external or internal oblique muscles or the transversalis fascia become torn; the strain occurs on the side of the non-bowling arm.

Symptoms of side strain

Common symptoms include severe pain, which may occur suddenly and become heightened when the oblique muscles are stretched. Other symptoms include swelling, bruising and a restricted range of movement.

Treatment for side strain

The most effective form of treatment for side strain is rest; this will allow time for the muscle to heal. Recovery may also be aided by anti-inflammatory and analgesic medication. The injury should be allowed to heal before the athlete starts taking part in demanding physical activity again. Physiotherapy will help to gradually build up strength and increase movement.

Preventing side strain

In many cases, side strain is caused by overuse so it is important to rest the muscles between exercise sessions; bowlers should have a break after a certain number of overs. Keeping the muscles warm will also help to prevent injury.

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