Levator scapulae syndrome - Muscular Injuries

What is levator scapulae syndrome?

The levator scapulae muscle is located at the side of the neck and runs along the back of the neck; this muscle enables the action of shrugging the shoulders. Levator scapulae syndrome (also known as scapulocostal syndrome) occurs when the muscle becomes stiff and painful.

Causes of levator scapulae syndrome

The most common causes of levator scapulae syndrome are overuse injuries and poor posture; this condition is common in those with desk jobs and a sedentary lifestyle. Other injuries in the neck and shoulders may also contribute to the development of levator scapulae syndrome.

Symptoms of levator scapulae syndrome

Common symptoms include severe pain in the neck, which may stretch to the head causing a headache. Other symptoms may include swelling and a restricted range of movement.

Treating levator scapulae syndrome

In many cases a combination of rest, ice, medication and physiotherapy will result in a full recovery; however, in some cases surgery may be required.

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