Poor technique - Causes of Sports Injuries

How does bad technique cause injuries?

Many overuse injuries are attributed to doing repetitive actions with poor technique; this can cause excessive pressure to be applied to particular joints or muscles which can contribute to an injury; tennis elbow, for example, is often caused by having poor backhand technique. Over time symptoms of injuries caused by bad technique will be exacerbated and could lead to a more serious condition. Poor technique can also lead to more acute injuries; this can be common with misuse of exercise machines in the gym for example, where a muscle or area of soft tissue can be suddenly stretched.

Effects of bad technique

Injuries are not the only by-product of poor technique; performance levels will also be decreased by bad technique as this will prevent optimum strength, power and speed in the particular movement or shot.

Preventing bad technique

When taking up a sport it is a good idea to get lessons or arrange training sessions with a qualified instructor or professional coach or trainer; this will ensure you are taught the correct technique from the very start. You should always ensure you are using proper, safe equipment and are wearing the correct clothing and footwear for the activity.

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