Lens dislocation - Eye injuries

What is a lens dislocation?

A lens dislocation occurs when the ligaments holding the lens in place become damaged, broken or displaced.

Causes of lens dislocation

In some cases, people are born with weak ligaments around the lens, which makes them prone to dislocation; people who suffer from Marfan’s syndrome are an example of this condition. This injury can also occur as a result of impact, such as a sports injury or blow to the eye.

Symptoms of lens dislocation

Common symptoms include blurred vision and instability around the iris. In some cases, there may be no symptoms; this is common when the lens is only partially displaced.

Treatment for lens dislocation

This condition does not usually require any treatment; however, treatment may be required if the dislocation has been caused by factors which have subsequently resulted in other injuries or problems.

Preventing lens dislocation

Wearing protective eyewear can reduce the possibility of suffering a lens dislocation; this is particularly important in contact sports or sports that present a high risk of impact to the eyes.

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