Vitreous haemorrhage - Eye injuries

The vitreous is the area in the middle of the eye; a haemorrhage occurs when a blood vessel ruptures and blood flows into this portion of the eye.

Causes of a vitreous haemorrhage

Common causes include trauma and injury; other causes include medical conditions and illnesses such as leukaemia and diabetes.

Symptoms of vitreous haemorrhage

Symptoms depend on the severity of the haemorrhage; a mild case will usually involve a small degree of altered vision which may include blurring and seeing black spots. A serious case can result in a loss of vision.

Treatment for a vitreous haemorrhage

In most cases, the eye is left to heal on its own; this allows the blood to clear which will restore vision. In extreme cases, surgery may be carried out but this is usually considered only as a last resort.

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