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What is claudication?

The term claudication refers to a cramping pain, which occurs in the lower leg as a result of a decrease in blood flow to the area.

Causes of claudication

Claudication is caused by the narrowing of arteries which leads to a subsequent lack of blood flow, which is brought about by a shortage of oxygen being carried to the muscles. The arteries may narrow as a result of a blockage, a vascular spasm or due to a medical condition such as atherosclerosis.

Symptoms of claudication

Often, claudication comes and goes and is more common during exercise. In many cases, it can cause people to limp and the leg may feel weaker than normal.

Treatment for claudication

Treatment usually involves building up stamina by gradually increasing physical fitness and muscular strength and taking medication to control symptoms. In extreme cases, surgery may be required to prevent the arteries from narrowing.

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