Patellar tendinopathy and rupture - Knee Injuries

Patellar tendinopathy occurs when the patellar tendon becomes damaged and starts to disintegrate; usually, this is a progressive injury. Patellar tendonitis, which is often confused with patellar tendinopathy, occurs when the tendon becomes inflamed.

Causes of patellar tendinopathy

The most common cause is overuse; this occurs when an individual participates regularly in an activity which places pressure on the tendon; over time, the tendon weakens; this injury is common in athletes that participate in jumping events in athletics.

Symptoms of patellar tendinopathy

Common symptoms include pain at the front and base of the kneecap, which becomes heightened during physical activity, an increase in size of the affected tendon and stiffness after exercise. Pain may also radiate to other parts of the leg and the calf muscles may feel weaker than usual.

Treating patellar tendinopathy

The most effective form of treatment for this condition is rest; this will allow the tendon time to recover and heal. Ice packs may also help to reduce any swelling. It may also be beneficial to wear strapping or a knee support to protect the knee in the future.

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