Tendinopathy - Knee Injuries

Tendinopathy in the knee may affect several different tendons; these include the patellar tendon, the quadriceps tendon, the pes anserinus tendon and the gastrocnemius tendon.

Causes of tendinopathy

The most common cause of tendinopathy is overuse; this gradually contributes to degeneration of the tendon; these injuries are common in elite athletes, who place constant strain on the tendons.

Symptoms of tendinopathy

Common symptoms of tendinopathy include pain, which may be persistent and a restricted range of movement around the knee joint.


The most effective from of treatment for tendinopathy is rest; during this time it may also be beneficial to take pain relief medication and apply ice to the affected area. Physiotherapy may also help to strengthen the knee joint and increase flexibility and movement around the joint.

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