Chiropractic Treatment in Sport

In modern sport, increasing levels of intensity have brought increased physical requirements from athletes. This has also unfortunately led to an increase in injuries. Fast moving, high contact and tactical positioning based competition has led to an increased pressure on backs and physical structural systems. Injuries can come in a variety of types. Some can be played through, others lead to time on the sidelines and even worse still, there are occasions when injuries fail to respond to traditional treatment. However, in recent years we have seen the emergence of chiropractic treatment geared towards the needs of the athlete. The treatment has always stressed the importance of maintaining efficiency in all areas of body function which in turn promotes fast and natural healing abilities, thus making the treatment nearly ideal for athletic training. Based on the founding principal of a person as a fully integrated being, chiropractic treatment places its focus on spinal, muscular, tendon, ligament, nerve and joint related care. Professionals from a variety of sports both international and domestic now deploy chiropractic therapy and a primary source of treatment with some of the attending doctors at the Olympic Games falling into the category of trained chiropractors.

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