What happens when i see a chiropractor?

The process begins with an initial visit to a trained chiropractor. Chiropractors offer a variety of services and should practice in a hands-on and more importantly drug free environment. They should also provide advice on the various therapy and rehabilitation exercises available in addition to advice on nutrition, diet and lifestyle considerations.

To begin with the chiropractor will ask for a physical exam focused on use of the spine, in addition to requesting a detailed history of any previous health complaints. Patient history plays a crucial role in the accurate assessment of a condition. Patients may be probed on their history of diseases, medicine use, working environment and general lifestyle. During the physical examination, the patients pulse and blood pressure will be measured. The chiropractor will ask that the patient strip for a full exam and in some cases heart rate and lung efficiency may be assessed. A primary role of the initial exam is to check against the presence of any underlying medical conditions which may then require referral to a doctor

Once completed, joint and muscle function will be examined in detail alongside the specific area of concern. X ray examinations and other minor tests may also be used to gage suitability for chiropractic treatment. Once treatment is deemed applicable, the health practitioner will draw up a personal treatment plan. From here treatment during sessions will revolve around a number of adjustment types common in chiropractic care.

Each chiropractic session should last around thirty minutes. Any therapy over this time limit could potentially lead to damage. The number of sessions required will depend on the severity of the condition and a patient’s specific medical history.

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