Are there many different types of chiropractic treatment?

There are two main types of treatment used in chiropractic therapy: manipulation treatment and soft tissue treatment

Manipulation treatment or chiropractic manipulation centres on the manual application of a sudden yet controlled force on a joint that has become restricted in its movement. This treatment is often accompanied by snap sounds which have in the past been mistakenly identified as the sound of bones grating or muscle tearing. They are in fact caused by the presence of a vacuum in the joints where small bubbles of gas are created and found, usually in the synovial fluid. These bubbles are the main cause of such noises. It is usually administered by hand or through the use of specially designed devices. This adjustment helps to improve both range and efficiency in the motion of the treated area as mobility is restored which reduces pain and muscle tightness, allowing the tissue of the affected area to heal.

According to some recent guidelines, chiropractic manipulation has been included as a suggested treatment for those suffering pain which fails to improve with self care. Spinal manipulation is thought to be most effective in the short term, with any pain relieving effects maintained anywhere between a year and eighteen months after the initial treatment

Soft tissue treatment is also commonly administered by chiropractics. It is primarily focused on disorders involving the muscles and tendons and is usually administered in the form of massage of stretching.

Alternatively, mobilization chiropractic therapy which focuses on improving joint movement using methods within its usual range of motion can also prove successful.

Chiropractors often combine spinal adjustment techniques with other treatments such as heat or ice treatment, exercise designed for rehabilitation, dietary supplementation, electrical stimulation, counselling and even just rest.

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