Are there any side effects of chiropractic treatment?

The side effects of chiropractic treatment are very much dependent on the type of treatment administered. However, the risk of serious side effects like strokes are very uncommon and on the whole, problems is usually specific to the part of the body treated. In cases where a chiropractor may have administered treatment alongside dietary supplementation, patients may experience some side effects if used in conjunction with other forms of medication.

While also a relatively safe treatment, side effects such as discomfort in the lower back, tiredness and headaches can occur, though they should subside within a couple of days. If they do persist, or any extremely rare complications emerge, a doctor should always be consulted. One potential risk is the condition otherwise known as cauda equina syndrome. This syndrome occurs when the nerves found around the lower region of the spine become compressed.

The clearest symptoms of cauda equina syndrome include loss of feeling in one or both of the legs, some weakness and other more general pain. While a rare condition in itself, any patient suffering from pain as a result of a herniated disc may wish to opt out of spinal manipulation as it has been linked to the development of the disorder.

In some rare cases patients have reported some disruption to bladder, bowel and sexual function with a noticeable change of sensation in both the rectum and genitals.

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