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What is cauliflower ear?

A cauliflower ear is also known as a haematoma auris and appears as a swollen area on the upper portion of the ear. The swelling is caused by a collection of blood between the cartilage in the ear and the skin.

Treating a cauliflower ear

Treatment for a cauliflower ear involves draining the blood from the ear and treating any existing infection; this is usually achieved by making an incision in the ear and collecting the fluid and then taking a course of antibiotics. The affected ear will usually be dressed.

Effects of cauliflower ear

The most obvious effect of cauliflower ear is the physical deformity to the top of the ear, where the ear becomes inflamed and develops a lump. Other effects may include hearing difficulties and discomfort, especially when pressure is applied to the affected ear. There should be no permanent damage if the condition is treated quickly.

Preventing cauliflower ear

Cauliflower ears can be prevented by wearing a head guard.

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