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A sprained ankle is a common sporting injury which usually occurs as a result of the ligaments surrounding the ankle being stretched beyond its limits. Other causes can include twisting the ankle, which may result in falling awkwardly or running on uneven ground.

Symptoms of a sprained ankle

The most common symptoms of a sprained ankle are localised pain, swelling, restricted movement and bruising (this may appear some time after the incident).

Treatment for a sprained ankle

Initially, treatment should involve ice, rest and elevation; this will help to reduce swelling and prevent further injury. More serious sprains may take a while to recover and it may be advisable to use crutches to prevent the ankle from bearing weight. Physiotherapy may help to restore movement after a more serious sprain.

Preventing a sprained ankle

Thorough warm up and cool down sessions will help to reduce the likelihood of getting injured. Suitable, supportive footwear should be worn to protect the foot and ankle and an ankle support may be worn if the ankle is weak and prone to injury.

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