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A labral injury in the shoulder affects the cartilage that surrounds the joint. A labral tear is usually caused by direct impact, overuse, dislocation or landing awkwardly during a fall.

Symptoms of a labral tear

Common symptoms include pain, especially when the arms are raised or lowered and weakness in the shoulder joint. Some people may experience a popping noise when the shoulder is moved.

Treating a labral tear

Initially the condition will be treated with ice and the shoulder will be rested. If the tear is serious, it may need to be repaired surgically; following this, the affected arm will usually be placed in a sling to immobilise the shoulder. Physiotherapy will help to gradually build strength in the joint and increase the range of movement; this should only be started when the injury has started to heal; doing physical activity before the injury heals can be counter-productive and may result in a more serious injury.

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