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Causes of serious back injuries

The most common cause of serious back injuries is falling, especially from a height; high tackles or tackling while a player is in the air can contribute to extremely serious injuries.

Effects and symptoms of serious back injuries

The effects of serious back injuries can be extremely dangerous and even life-threatening; serious injuries usually result from damage to the spinal cord which can cause paralysis, brain damage and in extreme cases, death. Common symptoms of serious back injuries include a loss of sensation, loss of consciousness and dizziness.

Treatment for a serious back injury

Treatment will depend on the severity of the injury. Injuries which have not affected the spinal cord will usually be treated with medication to control pain and inflammation as well as a long period of rest; rehabilitation is key to regaining movement in the back; in some cases a player will need to wear a cast to stabilise the back. Serious back injuries may involve using a wheelchair in order to prevent the back from bearing weight. Injuries that cause paralysis may also affect brain function; in this case, a patient may need to be monitored closely and may require 24 hour care. Physiotherapy may help to gradually increase movement and aid recovery; however, in many cases paralysis will be permanent.

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