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The neck is vulnerable to injury, particularly in a fast-paced, bullish and unpredictable sport like rugby. Forwards are more prone to neck injuries; this is due to the dangers associated with the scrum, especially if it collapses. High tackles or tackles that involve bringing somebody down while in the air are also common causes of back and neck injuries.

Effects of serious neck injuries

Serious neck injuries can be potentially fatal and can also contribute to permanent paralysis; this results from damage to the spinal cord.

Symptoms of serious neck injuries

Common symptoms include a loss of movement, dizziness, stiffness and neck pain; in serious cases, the player may lose consciousness.

Treating serious neck injuries

Neck injuries should be treated as a medical emergency; the neck and head should be stabilised as quickly as possible to prevent further harm. Once the casualty has been stabilised, the neck should be rested for a period of time. Physiotherapy may help to improve the condition once the healing process has started.

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